Rapid growth of Resin Transfer Mold business spurs significant changes to Prospect’s equipment and personnel

Jan 5, 2019


With the rapid growth of the Resin Transfer Mold business in the last few years, Prospect has made significant changes to our equipment and personnel to provide our customers with the highest level of service. The changes started being implemented in the summer of 2017 and should be complete by March of 2018.

Dedicated assembly bays have been developed next to the current Quality Room for seamless transition between the areas. The tight tolerance requirements of these tools, requires levels of inspection during assembly that are not normal in the injection mold field. Each bay has been equipped with granite tables and storage racks for the multiple inserts and mandrels needed for each mold.

Due to the added inspection required, Prospect has purchased and installed one more CMM and two more FARO Arms. The CMM, our second, is a Brown & sharpe XCEL with travels of 59″ x 35″ x 33″. The two FARO arms are 9”diameter EDGE arms. One of the arms will be used within the QA department, while the other is mounted to a rolling cart and can be utilized in any of the RTM assembly bays for in process checks.

The final addition is a second Mikron HPM 800U. This high speed five axis machine is equipped with a pallet changer. Installation will be complete in February with the machine operational in March. These two machines are the workhorses when it comes to tight tolerance, complex inserts and mandrels.

Parpas Active 5-4000