Prospect purchases and installs new Parpas Active Five

Jan 6, 2014


Prospect recently completed a $2.5 million expansion that included the addition of 24,000 square feet of manufacturing space for their new Molding Products Division, and the purchase of a multi-component ENGEL 1650 duo, 2-platen injection molding machine.

Installed in their new 24,000 square foot Molding Technologies Division facility, located in Akron, Ohio, the new multi-component ENGEL duo 4400H/2000H/1350L/1650 combi US injection molding machine is equipped with a 2 station continuous rotary table, an integrated ENGEL viper 40 robot, and is equipped with up to 4 component molding capabilities with shot capacities ranging from 33-110 oz.. The creation of their new Molding Products Division increases the company’s in-house capabilities and expands the level of customer support that they are able to offer.

“The additional space and purchase of the new molding machine will further enhance our customer support capability and solidify our commitment to provide best-in-class, multi-material tooling solutions as well as expand our diversified portfolio by adding a Molding Technologies Division to our company”, said company president Brandon Wenzlik.

According to Wenzlik, the expansion will benefit and support customers by enabling the company to handle all mold trials, including final commissioning in house, eliminating the need for back-and-forth shipments during trial phases. It also allows Prospect to offer multi-shot trial and short-run production solutions, which are important when customers experience periods of constrained capacity.

Parpas Active 5-4000