Obtaining Reliable Durability in Custom Machined Metal Parts

May 7, 2024


Obtaining Reliable Durability in Custom Machined Metal Parts

Durability is a vital characteristic of machined metal parts, especially those used in critical or demanding applications, such as in the Aerospace, Automotive, or Military markets. From high stresses to corrosive environments, there are a number of conditions that metal parts regularly endure. But what determines the part’s durability?

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The value of machined metal parts

Machining in all its forms, is a reductive process, removing material from a workpiece in order to achieve the desired shape. In addition, it typically produces components that are stronger and more durable and those done by other methods. Expert machining introduces little to no internal stresses to the workpiece and produces components with excellent precision, allowing the parts to perform reliably and improving their lifecycle. 

Parts shaped from solid metal also won’t experience the risk of porosity that other manufacturing methods pose. This helps to ensure that the part retains its durability and shape throughout its lifetime. 

The importance of choosing the right material for machined metal parts

Much of a part’s durability will depend on the material it’s made from and the end-use application the part will fulfill. Getting the right metal for machined metal parts, and getting quality metal stock, with properties that fit the final product’s end-use will ensure that the part remains durable throughout its life.  

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is a versatile and highly durable metal that is excellent for everything from prototyping to the full range of production. Stainless steel is known for its natural corrosion resistance and its strength, withstanding heavy loads and extreme temperatures during regular operation. 


Aluminum is lightweight and adaptable, excellent for unique or intricate designs that require high precision. This metal is highly durable, with natural corrosion resistance that can be improved through a range of treatments, as well as good resistance to everyday wear and tear. However, aluminum is especially valuable because of its exceptional strength to weight ratio which, when combined with its durability, makes it excellent for Aerospace applications especially. 


Brass is easy to machine, imperishable, and exhibits great resistance to both corrosion and general wear and tear. Its durability and resistance have made it popular for applications such as valves and related hydraulics.

Ensuring quality through durable tooling

Durability and quality start with the design of the part and the shop that’s making them. Ensuring they have the right tooling for the job is important not just for making custom parts, but also machined components that are durable, and function as intended. Good tooling will last a long time, and will provide high precision with each part. 

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