Meeting the Challenges of CNC Machining Aerospace Parts for Critical Applications

Mar 8, 2024


Meeting the Challenges of CNC Machining Aerospace Parts for Critical Applications

The Aerospace industry has been on the cutting edge of technologies and innovations since its beginnings. Whether for the commercial or military or space or other sectors, aerospace manufacturing has constantly been evolving and innovating to keep pace with the demands of this industry.

Parpas Active 5-4000

Typical concerns for Aerospace Applications

The most important factor for nearly any equipment used in aerospace, whether producing parts for manned or unmanned aircraft, flight critical systems, landing gear, or commercial aircraft, is safety. There is no room for error, especially in flight critical systems, because even the smallest error or inconsistency can be devastating not only to the equipment, but also to the people involved with it. 

CNC technology has played a large role in aerospace manufacturing, bringing about the ability to achieve the tight tolerances necessary for any equipment components in this market. This high level of precision is what allows suppliers of CNC machining for Aerospace parts to meet the stringent production standards necessary to maintain the safety and reliability of aerospace equipment. And this applies to the thousands upon thousands of metal and plastic components that go into an aircraft–no matter how big or small, each one has a part to play and each needs to be perfect.

Prospect Group–meeting the unique needs of the Aerospace Industry

Prospect is one such manufacturer that creates tooling for composite parts, propulsion components, aircraft interiors, and much more for our partners in aerospace manufacturing. We have a wide range of 5-axis CNC machines for milling, trimming, and drilling composite components and tooling that meet the industry standards for both commercial and defense applications. Over the years, we have developed some of the most sophisticated RTM molds for engine components, as well as many integral-floating-piece resin transfer molds for composite parts, with vast experience in machining even complicated materials such as IN100, HN13C, Esco 49C, and many Supermax Alloys.

Our quality management system is AS9100D and ISO 9001:2015 certified for manufacturing complex molds and dies, custom tooling, and prototype parts, ensuring that the tooling we supply will go on to make tight tolerant components for our partners. We are also approved by and compliant with the Boeing BAC5114 and Lockheed Martin 5PT PL10 standards, and are trusted by many of the largest Aerospace manufacturers for reliable tooling and dies. 

Looking for a CNC machining supplier of aerospace components, tooling, and prototypes? Check out Prospect Group today!